Farm Park Information

We have over 120 animals to meet at the farm including....

MEDIUM meerkat


Meet Bertie and his brothers. Meerkat feeding available on some activity timetables.

MEDIUM spyderpig

Miniature Pigs

Spyder pig was kept as a pet before being donated to us.


Highland Cows

Holly and Bonnie are huge, do come and say hello to them.

MEDIUM pygmygoats

Pygmy Goats

Meet Boris and his goat friends. Goat feeding available on some activity timetables.

MEDIUM ponies

Miniature Ponies

Say hello to Annie and her foal- Ellie.

MEDIUM alpacas


Chocolate, toffee and twix are part of the alpaca crew.




Every Saturday and Sunday from 10 June - 16 July

There's loads to see and do on our high season visit days.

In addition to all the usual farm attractions you can also feed the goats, meet the meerkats, have a tour round the hen house or boogie along with Ted Bear.

Do see the timetable on the right for more information.


Low season rates apply Wednesday - Friday offering a great value visit when the sun comes out to play.



Wednesday - Friday  from 7 June - 14 July

The low season visit price includes access to all the farm attractions such as the-

  • Indoor beach area
  • Indoor pedal tractors and buggies
  • Pedal go-kart track
  • Adventure playground
  • Pet barn
  • Plank maze
  • Animal trail
  • Small animal area 


A tractor ride is included in the low season price at 12pm and 3pm but there are no other timetabled activities.


Wirral Summer School Holidays

start on 22 July.

We'll be open every day from Saturday 22 July - Sunday 3 September and we'll have a brand new summer timetable too!

Watch this space!

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Farm Park Highlights

We have loads of indoor and outdoor attractions for you to come and play on. Here are some of our favourites!

The Beach

Beach fun whatever the weather. Build a sandcastle or just relax.

STANDARD tractortrailer
Tractor Rides

Tractor rides are included in the cost of mid and high season prices. 

STANDARD barreltrain2
Barrel Train

Barrel train rides are available for £1 per person on mid and high season dates.


2017 Farm Park Prices

We offer two different pricing structures for your visit, offering a low season rate Wednesday - Friday during term-time when you can pop along and enjoy our farm attractions.

During school holidays and weekends from March - October we have lots more to see and do in the form of our activity timetable including tractor rides and feeding sessions.

We've colour-coded the calendar below so you can easily see which admission rate applies for your visit day.






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